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                Baleri Italia

                Baleri Italia


                Direzione generale

                19, via Tonale

                24061 Albano s. a.

                t +39 035 584811

                f +39 035 584899



                In 1984 Enrico Baleri founded Baleri Italia, a company manufacturing

                quality furniture with a high design content.

                In 2009 the company becomes Cerruti Baleri. The formal gesture (design) is no longer a plus but a condicio sine qua non: it is no longer a sufficient distinguishing element. On the other

                hand the use of materials such as solid wood, marble, hide leather and

                fabrics become extremely significant as they express timeless and

                ecological values. Valuable materials combined, creative intelligence

                and quality manufacturing define our products and are the true

                protagonists of the collection.

                The products (complementi), through their function, but also through

                the messages of irony, playfulness and surprise they convey, speak to

                milano, 2011 history a fast-changing society, where one's home, social conditions and even

                affections change more frequently and where as a consequence one

                develops close and lasting emotional relationships with objects. 

                Product category: Tables  .   Upholstered  .