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                To change a room you need just a wall!. The wallpaper is changed and with WallPepper® becomes a support to create big images, engaging, unique to live every day. Graphics, illustrations and interpretations are kept in the WallPepper® Catalogue, a laboratory of ideas, innovation, creativity and trend. For the contemporary art lovers, WallPepper® has created the Fine-Art catalogue where artworks by well-know artists leave the frame to decorate with an unique style.
                Easy to choose, to order, to deliver and, most of all, to apply thanks to the avant-garde print system and the perfect cut of our rolls. Our WallPepper® data-sheet also describe step by step all phases of the laying and they are simple and clear to follow.
                ECO - FRIENDLY
                One of the main features of WallPepper® is its sustainability: all the raw material used in the production process are PVC free (without plastic), eco-friendly and certied.

                Product category: Wallcoverings  .