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                Helen Kontouris

                Helen Kontouris

                Helen Kontouris was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1976.
                Establishing Helen Kontouris Design in 2002 she has collaborated with a number of national and international clients, manufacturers, architects and retailers, including WMF (Germany), Coffex (Australia), Schiavello (Australia) Kundalini (Italy), Omvivo (Australia) Manufacturas Celda (Spain) with many others in the pipeline.
                In 2005 she launched her La La Lamps with Italian lighting manufacturer, Kundalini at Euroluce at the Milan Furniture Fair.
                Many of Kontouris’s designs launched such as the ’101’ chair, ’La La’ stool, ’Chubby’ sofa, ’Bend’ out door range, ’Minka’ chaise & chair and many others have also entered into production.
                Later this year & next sees a large collection of bathroom accessories, seating, tableware & numerous other products being launched, as well as being responsible for one of Australia’s most substantial retail launches by any Australian designer.
                For Kontouris, each project is unique and extensive research underpins the development of each product. Process drives the generation of form, more so than any predetermined notion established at the outset of the design.
                Kontouris is inspired by her observation of everyday experiences, of people’s interaction with objects, and the fresh perspectives gained from travel, which shapes and informs her work.
                Helen Kontouris Design has been reviewed in a number of leading international design magazines as well as being featured in a number of books including ’The International Design Year Book’, edited by Tom Dixon, ’Averrati A Dream Come True’ & ’Melbourne Design Guide’.
                Renowned for her use of contrasting materials, Kontouris’ work has often been described as sculptural. Her products invite exploration & an intimate and sensory engagement beyond their immediacy.