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                Mario Mazzer

                Mario Mazzer

                Born in 1955, he got the architecture degree at the Milan Polytechnic in 1978
                and the diploma in Industrial Design at the Polytechnic School of Design in 1979.
                He gained experience in the 70s working with masters of Italian design, as Achille
                Castiglioni e Marco Zanuso. In 1980 opened his studio at Conegliano Veneto, Italy
                where he started to develop his own personal design language.

                He carries out activities in various fields, from architecture to industrial design,
                in which he contributes to the cultural debate on design in conventions and conferences
                and by showing his work in events to promote products made in Italy.

                His works have been exposed in museums and design exibitions. He received special
                mentions in 1988-1989 at the Young & Design competition, winning it in 1991.
                He was selected in 1991 for the Design et Mutations exhibition in Paris, for the
                Ljubjana biennials Bio XIII, Bio XIV, Bio XV e Bio XVII, in Genova for the Tecnhotel
                trade fair, and in 1996 with various products for the event I Progettisti del
                Triveneto. In recent years he has taken part in various cultural exhibitions,
                including the Italian Design Exhibition, Budapest 1987, 30 Architects, Milan 1990,
                Rattan: la natura è mobile, Milan 1993. His products have been presented
                in many editions of the cultural events Abitare il Tempo in Verona and at the
                London Design Museum. In 1996 he received an honorable mention from the ID Annual
                Design Review New York. In the last years he has taken part in the itinerant exhibition
                Segnali di cibo and its related television programs. He won the International
                Grandesign award for the jeweller’s category and was mentioned in the 5th
                edition. Many his products were selected for the ADI Design Index and International
                Design Yearbook. In 2001 his monography Thinking about Things: Mario Mazzer designer
                was published. In 2006 and 2007 he received a special mention for the Riabita

                In the field of industrial design he works for the most important design companies
                as Artemide, Acerbis, Artemide, Bonacina, Bonaldo, Busnelli, Cappellini, City
                Design, Flou, I Tre, Jesse, Livi’t, Magis, Martex, Meson’s, Mimo,
                Morphos, Permasteelisa, Poliform, Rossi di Albizzate, Gruppo Sintesi, Solzi Luce,
                Tronconi, Valli & Valli, Varaschin, Ycami, Zanotta. He is a member of ADI,
                SIE and BEDA.

                In architecture he develops projects for residential complexes, apartment buildings,
                trade centres, industrial sites, restructuring of historical buildings, planning
                of workspace, offices and showrooms.